UMS Club Donates Computers to School


KOTA KINABALU: A group of 10 information Technology (IT) undergraduates that conducted by Norhayati Binti Asgan, with an officers and lecturers from University Malaysia Sabah Information Technology Club (UMSINTEC) went on mission to donate used computers to two organizations.

          The first stop location was at Sk Mansud, Kuala Penyu. It takes about 2 hours to go there. The school, located almost hidden from view. There were only 64 students include the teachers. The school was really in need of computers for their students, as most of them came from remote districts, said the headmaster, Normainah Hj. Assim. Moreover, this program also to train undergraduate’s students to be organized when they graduated, said UMS lecturers, Salmat Fattah.

          On the second day, the group went to Sk Patikang Laut, Keningau. They were greeted warmly by the teachers and school members. The school, headmistress representative, Chee Wee Liang, thanked the club for choosing the school for the donation. “Computers are very important to us for managing, teaching and doing research”.

          Actually, the program was implemented to inform the community that the University Malaysia Sabah made a little program that helps our community, said UMS IT Officer, Mr. Roslan @ Alex. Besides that, the undergraduate’s students follow-up the program by teaching the student with basic computer literacy to make sure the computers will be fully utilized. The two day program ended successfully because of the full co-operation from all the committee members as well as support by the UMSINTEC advisors, Salmah Fattah and Siti Hasnah Tanalol.